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Are you in search of a comprehensive, top-tier therapy and training package tailored to a diverse range of needs and user groups?

The ICAROS Circle, comprised of the ICAROS Health, ICAROS Guardian, and ICAROS Cloud devices, supports your patients or members at every stage of their training journey. From supported horizontal training for core functionality, to dynamic vertical exercises for improving postural control, all the way to full-body post-rehabilitation exercises on the ICAROS Cloud platform.

The ICAROS Circle offers:

  • Comprehensive exercise package
  • Modern design
  • User-friendly integration
  • Exceptionally cost-effective
  • High throughput

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The ICAROS Guardian is available for €34,900 plus VAT, or leasing starting at €799 monthly.

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Progress amplified, skill honed, simplicity embraced: ICAROS Circle, your path to success



ICAROS Cloud: Full Body Exercise
ICAROS Guardian: Postural Control
ICAROS Health: Core Functionality



    How is the ICAROS Circle utilized?

    The ICAROS Circle allows effiective exercise for core functionality, postural control, balance, and strength. Users progress from guided horizontal training on the ICAROS Health, to upright vertical training on the ICAROS Guardian, culminating in free full-body training on the ICAROS Cloud.

    What's the duration of a training session?

    Durations may vary depending on user's individual training goals and fitness levels.

    • Cirlce Sprint:15 Minutes (5 Minutes per device)
    • Cirlce Full: 30 Minutes (10 Minutes per device)
    • Circle Endurance 45 Minutes (15 Minutes per device)

    How much does the ICAROS Circle system cost?
    ICAROS Cirlces are available for € 34,900 € excl. VAT and shipping, or in a monthly leasing starting at € 799.

    What is included?

    • ICAROS Health device plus PC and VR googles
    • ICAROS Guardian plus ipad, apple TV and screen
    • ICAROS Cloud

    Can I test the ICAROS Guardian?
    Of course. You can test ICAROS in our Munich headquarters (opening times Monday to Friday 9 PM – 5 PM). Please contact info@icaros.com to schedule an appointment. Also watch out for international trade shows which we are attending.


    How much space do I need to install an ICAROS Circle system?

    • The space for each unit should be at least 1.50 m x 2.50 m 
    • For the complete circle, an installation space of minimum 3 m x 5 m (15 m²) is remonmended

    What are the technical requirements for the insatllation space?

    • Standard 230 V power outlet
    • WIFI internet access

ICAROS Training Progression

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