ICAROS Guardian

Gamified Training For
Stability and Balance


„Exergaming for Balance, Coordination and Stability“


The ICAROS Guardian

Unstable balance and stability training can be very challenging for physically impaired individuals and requires intensive supervision by therapists. The ICAROS Guardian System combines the utmost ease of use with maximum safety and playful, immediately visible training success.

ICAROS Guardian offers fully equipped balance training system for users that need additional support during their balance and stability workout. With the ICAROS Guardian, users improve their coordination, balance and reflexes in the most playful, safe and effective way. 

The ICAROS Guardian includes

  • ICAROS Cloud 360
  • Handrail and entry-step
  • iPad Mini to access ICAROS App
  • Apple TV Box
  • 27 inch Screen
  • Trackpad


The ICAROS Guardian Systems are ideal for use in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and machine-assisted physical therapy. Their intuitive operation allows for high patient throughput with minimal staffing requirements. An indispensable tool for therapists who want to offer their patients an innovative and effective training experience. 

Starting at 11,900 € excl. VAT

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ICAROS Guardian Benefits

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Future-Ready Training: Personalized, Economical, Innovative


1. Minimal supervision and staffing needs

leading to a transformation of staff shortages and overload, thus freeing up capacities


2. High patient throughput with an impressive usage rate

turning the tide on low device utilization and sluggish amortization


3. Visible therapy success, enjoyment during training, and sustained motivation

changing the landscape for dissatisfied and demotivated patients


4. Innovative and future-proof therapeutic solutions

as a switch from competitive disadvantages due to outdated technology

Effective Exercise
for Seniors



    Is the ICAROS Guardian already on the market?
    Yes, ICAROS Guardian systems are available - you can request your system here.


    How much does the ICAROS Guardian system cost?
    ICAROS Guardian systems start at 11.900 € excl. VAT and shipping.

    What is included?
    The system includes the ICAROS Guardian structure including baseplate, handrails, step, monitor mount and ICAROS Cloud 360, as well as the following electronic components: Apple ipad, Apple magic trackpad, Apple TV Box and monitor.

    Can I test the ICAROS Guardian?
    Yes, you can test all ICAROS systems in our Munich HQ. Please contact info@icaros.com to schedule an appointment. Also watch out for international trade shows that we are attending.


    Do you ship to my country?
    Yes, we ship internationally.

    How much does the shipping cost?
    Depending on sea or air freight and delivery time, the following prices apply.
    EU: ~ 400 €
    US: ~ 1,500 € (Air, DAP)
    Asia: from ~1,000 €

    Can I install the ICAROS Guardian by myself?
    Yes, the device is taken apart into its major componentes for delivery and can easily be mounted at its final destination.

    How big/heavy is the transport box?
    180 cm x 120 cm x 50 cm (70" x 47" x 20"), 100 kg (220 lbs)

    What is the delivery time?
    Depending on the date of ordering and method of shipping, approximately 8 weeks.


    How much space do I need to install a system?
    The space should be at least 1.50 m x 2.50 m (4.9 ft x 8.2 ft)

    How big is the footprint of the ICAROS Guardian device?
    169 cm x 120 cm (71" x 47") 

    Height handrail: 120 cm

    What is the weight of the ICAROS Guardian device?
    85 kg (187 lbs)

    Are there any technical requirements for installation? 
    The ICAROS Guardian requires a standard power supply and WIFI internet connection.

    Is the ICAROS Guardian a medical product?
    Yes, the ICAROS Guardian platform is classified as a Class 1 medical product under MDR regulations. The CE certification specifically applies to the non-electronic, physical hardware only. Software and electronic accessories are not included in the certification.


  • USER

    What is the user’s min/max size?
    120 cm – 200 cm (3.9 ft, 6.56 ft)

    What is the user’s min age?
    We recommend a minimum age of 14 years

    User’s max. weight?
    110 kg (243 lbs)


    What kind of software ican be used with the ICAROS Guardian?
    The ICAROS Guardian is compatible with the ICAROS App for Apple devices. The ICAROS App can be dowonladed in the Apple App Store and comprises various exergames to train balance, stability and coordination.

    Is the Software a medical product?
    No, the CE marking of the ICAROS Guardian System refers to the physical training device, excluding electronic attachments and software.


    How do I take care of my ICAROS Guardian device?
    The Guardian system does not require any special maintenance. We recommend to regularly check and adjust the air pressure of the ICAROS Cloud 360 device and to clean and desinfect surfaces.


    Is there a manual which describes how to use the ICAROS Guardian?
    Yes, a print of the manual comes with the device. 


„Stability Training with ICAROS Guardian - Playful, Safe, and Effective.“



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