ICAROS products are designed to meet the highest standards in product quality, aesthetics and safety. Each unit seamlessly integrates with top virtual reality systems and mobile devices for an unparalleled experience.


The ICAROS Circle, comprised of the ICAROS Health, ICAROS Guardian, and ICAROS Cloud devices, supports your patients or members at every stage of their training journey. From supported horizontal training for core functionality, to dynamic vertical exercises for improving postural control, all the way to full-body post-rehabilitation exercises on the ICAROS Cloud platform.

  • Comprehensive exercise package
  • Modern design
  • User-friendly integration
  • Exceptionally cost-effective
  • High throughput

Available for €34,900 plus VAT, or leasing starting at €799 monthly.

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The ICAROS Health is designed and optimized for professional use in phsysical therapy and neuro-rehabilitation to offer effective core training for patients with physical limitations. The devices are adjustable, easy to use and can be customized to patient's needs. 
ICAROS Health combines innovative and rehabilitative fitness on a premium level.

  • Highly adjustable and customizable
  • Premium quality made in Germany
  • Upgradable with digital Exergames

The ICAROS Health: Starting at 17,000 € excl. VAT

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ICAROS Guardian

The ICAROS Guardian is a fully equipped training system for users that need additional support during their balance and stability training. With the ICAROS Guardian, users improve their coordination, balance and reflexes in the most playful, safe and effective way.

  • ICAROS Cloud 360
  • Handrail and entry-step
  • iPad Mini to access ICAROS App
  • 27 inch Screen
  • Trackpad

The ICAROS Guardian: Starting at 11,900 € excl. VAT

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ICAROS Pro is made from premium materials in Germany and is certified for commercial and private use. It provides the eco-system for exciting and performance improving exercise experiences for you or your customers, whether at your home or at your health club. The ICAROS Pro has been awarded for outstanding product design, effective exercise and unique user experience.

  • Robust design, highly mobile and built to last
  • Small Footprint, highly adjustable
  • Effective exercises and awarded product design

The ICAROS Pro: Starting at 11,900 € excl. VAT

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The ICAROS Lightning stands for premium fitness in the most innovative way. It enables you to fly or dive through virtual worlds while improving your fitness. ICAROS Lightning provides an effective and immersive way to work on your strength, balance and coordination!

  • Lightweight, highly mobile and built to last
  • Effective exercises and awarded product design
  • Compatible with Tablets and VR technology

The ICAROS Lightning: Starting at 4,900 € excl. VAT

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Fitness meets Gaming. The ICAROS Cloud is the newest, highly innovative, inflatable and digitally connected training device by ICAROS. It was designed to provide full body workouts and entetaining Exergames for you at home, at boutique studios and for group workouts at the gym for people of all ages and fitness levels.

  • Inflatable and light weight
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets and VR headsets
  • Individual training and group workouts

The ICAROS Cloud: Starting at 1,176 € excl. VAT

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