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Fitness meets Gaming. The ICAROS Cloud is the newest, highly innovative, inflatable and digitally connected training device by ICAROS

The ICAROS Cloud: Available for 990 € incl. VAT

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It was designed to provide full body workouts for you at home, at boutique studios and for group workouts at the gym for people of all ages and fitness levels. Workout your core, build leg- and upper body muscles and improve your coordination and balance with instable exercises on the ICAROS Cloud.

As with all ICAROS products, the Cloud has a digital interface, allowing you to experience ICAROS exercises with your smartphone or tablet.

With its diverse programs the ICAROS Cloud offers multiple highly effective training possibilities making the ICAROS Cloud a daily companion to your individual sports program.

To get the full ICAROS Cloud experience, download the official freemium training app ICAROS now for iOS and Android and get fit with effective and entertaining digital training sessions on your ICAROS Cloud!

The ICAROS App offers a broad range of entertaining and highly effective exercises to build smart muscles, a strong core and a healthy back. Interactive exercise programs by sports scientists and professional trainers ensure highly effective, measurable, and fun workouts for your entire body. Yoga- and pilates-inspired balance exercises, strength workouts and HIIT sessions improve your coordination, power, and endurance.

Opt for ICAROS App Pro and benefit from full access to a variety of professional ICAROS trainingentertaining exergames, and an extensive exercise library. ICAROS App Pro is available as a monthly cancellable subscription (€ 16.99 incl. VAT per month).

Get fit or stay fit – with the ICAROS Cloud.

  • Inflatable and light weight
  • To stow away easily and compactly
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets
  • Adjustable footrest position
  • Attachable rubber bungees
  • Individual training and group workouts

"ICAROS Cloud is the exercise of the future"


Compatible with smartphones, tablets and VR headsets
Adjustable footrest position



    Is the ICAROS Cloud already on the market?
    Yes, the ICAROS Cloud is already on the market.
    For more details, please check our online shop.


    How much does the ICAROS Cloud system cost?
    The ICAROS Cloud costs 990 € incl. value added tax.

    What is included?
    The ICAROS Cloud inlcudes adjustable foot rests, a holder for all common tablets and smartphones, a high quality air pump and attachable resitstance bungees.

    Can I test the ICAROS Cloud?
    You can test the ICAROS Cloud at the ICAROS Headquarters  in Munich.

    Phone: +49 89 414 1821 00 E-Mail: info@icaros.com


    Do you ship to my country?
    We ship internationally.

    How much does the shipping cost?
    Please find the shipping costs for Europe at https://shop.icaros.com. Prices for outside EU deliveries on request.

    How is the device shipped?
    The ICAROS Cloud is shipped in one box of approx. 15 kg

    What is the delivery time?
    Depending on availability, the delivery time will be around two weeks.


    How much space do I need to install an ICAROS Cloud system?

    Size ICAROS Cloud: 155 cm x 123 cm x 40 cm

    The space should be at least 250 cm x 250 cm (8'2'' x 8'2'').

    What is the weight of the ICAROS Cloud?
    Both versions of the ICAROS Cloud weigh 12 kg (26 lbs).

    Where can the ICAROS Cloud be used?
    The ICAROS Cloud can be used for indoor and outdoor workouts.
    We do, however, advise against the usage on pointed, sharp or uneven surfaces.

  • USER

    What is the user’s min/max size?
    Min size 140 cm (4'7'')“ - max size 200 cm (6'7').

    What’s the user’s min age?
    12 years.

    User’s max. weight?
    110 kg (240 lbs)

    Can children use the ICAROS Cloud?
    Children must be supervised by an adult who is familiar with the instruction manual.


    How do I take care of my ICAROS Cloud?
    The ICAROS Cloud has to be checked for damages before and after each use. In case of staining wipe the ICAROS Cloud with a wet non-abrasive cloth.


    Is there a manual which describes how to use the ICAROS Cloud?
    Yes, a print of the manual comes with the device. A tutorial video can also be found in the ICAROS app.


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