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ICAROS Home combines Fitness and Virtual Reality, making it the home fitness equipment of the 21st century. It enables you to fly or dive through virtual worlds while improving your fitness. During the flight, different muscle groups with a focus on upper body and core muscles are strengthened.

Working out on the ICAROS Home also improves the user’s reflexes, balance and coordination. 

ICAROS Home units have been awarded for their outstanding product design and unique exercise experience.

  • The VR training experience for Your home
  • Effective training for coordination, balance and a healthy back
  • VR eSports competition with ICAROS pilots around the world
  • Small footprint, lightweight, awarded design, low maintenance
  • Compatible with VR headsets, screens and tablets
  • Numerous gaming and training experiences available
  • Private use only

The ICAROS Home: Starting at 2,513 € excl. VAT

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„Need a spot of exercise but can’t face the gym? Love gaming but not the couch? ICAROS could be the answer.“



Supporting structure
Easy adjustability
Safety certified
Lightweight design

The Future of Fitness is here

Bring the exercise experience of the 21st Century to your home:

  • Award-winning design
  • Safety Certified
  • Global online multiplayer
  • Flights over photorealistic landscapes
  • Compatible with different VR systems
  • Also usable without VR with the ICAROS app 


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    Is the ICAROS Home already on the market?
    Yes, ICAROS systems are available. You can purchase your system at https://shop.icaros.com


    How much does the ICAROS Home system cost?
    ICAROS Home systems start at 2.990 € incl. VAT plus shipping.

    What is included?
    The system includes the ICAROS Home device, ICAROS Tablet Holder, ICAROS controller and ICAROS VR apps.

    Can I test ICAROS?
    Of course. You can test ICAROS in our Munich HQ. Please contact info@icaros.com to schedule an appointment. Also watch out for international trade shows which we are attending.


    Do you ship to my country?
    We ship internationally.

    How much does the shipping cost?
    Please find the shipping costs for Europe at https://shop.icaros.com. Prices for outside EU deliveries on request.

    How is the device shipped?
    The ICAROS Home device is delivered in three separate boxes and can be installed on-site. Necessary tools and manuals are provided with the delivery. An installation service is available on request. Please contact info(at)icaros.com for information.

    What is the delivery time?
    Depending on the date of ordering and method of shipping, approximately two weeks.


    How much space do I need to install a system?
    The space should be at least 1.50 m x 2.50 m (4.9 ft x 8.2 ft)

    How big is the footprint of the ICAROS Home device?
    91 cm x 188 cm (36" x 74")

    What is the weight of the ICAROS Home device?
    56 kg (123.5 lbs)

    Where can the ICAROS Home device be used?
    The ICAROS Home units can be installed indoors without special requirements. ICAROS Home units are certified for private use only. Warranty expires if units are used in commercial environments.

  • USER

    What is the user’s min/max size?
    140 cm – 200 cm (4.6 ft, 6.56 ft)

    What’s the user’s min age?
    14 years

    User’s max. weight?
    110 kg (243 lbs)


    What kind of software is included?
    The ICAROS Apps FLIGHT, DEEP and AIM come with every ICAROS system.
    New experiences are released regularly. Check our youtube account ICAROS flight for trailers.

    Can we play multiplayer?
    Yes. The online multiplayer ICARACE allows up to eight persons to compete at the same time. Find more info on the EXPERIENCES page.

    Which VR headsets are supported?

    All games developped for the ICAROS Home are compatible with the following VR systems:

    Standalone systems: PICO 4, PICO G3
    Wired systems: PICO 4 / HTC Vive Pro / Valve Index / Meta Quest

    Additionally, you can use your smart device to exercise with your ICAROS Home and the ICAROS App.
    You will find the required ICAROS Tablet Holder Universal here!

    Which training effects does the use of the ICAROS Home provide?
    Using the ICAROS Home helps you to strengthen your core muscles, your shoulder muscles, enhances your sense of balance and body control.


    How do I take care of my ICAROS Home device?
    Tighten screws with the tools recommended in the manual regularly. Do not lubricate or oil any parts.


    Is there a manual which describes how to use the ICAROS Home?
    Yes, a print of the manual comes with the device.

    How long does the controller battery last?
    If fully loaded, the controller lasts for at least 6 hours nonstop. It can be recharged using Micro-USB cables. Recharge time is about 30 minutes.

"So far the most brilliant purchase of the year!".“

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