Out now: ICAROS Cloud 360

Limited space? No problem! Introducing the new ICAROS Cloud 360

If you've been dreaming of an ICAROS Cloud, but we're worried about the space requirements, we have great news for you. The new ICAROS Cloud 360 is now available in the ICAROS Online Shop.

What's special about the Cloud 360: 

  • Circular shape (diameter 100 cm)
  • Unrivaled price of 360 € incl. VAT
  • Compatible with the ICAROS app
  • Hundreds of exercises possible

Compared to the standard sized Cloud, the 360 version requires to perform some exercises with feet or hands on the floor (e.g. in plank position), whereas the standard sized Cloud allows you to keep hands and feet on the platform at all times. If you're looking for a smaller alternative that'll still provide all the benefits of gamified (balance) training, the Cloud 360 is the right product for you.


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