N.E.X.T - Neuro-Experience-Training

Federal Ministry of Economics is funding ICAROS GmbH with a six-figure sum for the further development of AI-based VR training systems for neurotherapy

Initial internal studies confirm the assumption: In a very short time, significant advances in coordination, the reduction of spasticity and increased mobility in stroke patients have been identified.

Press release: https://we.tl/t-pBCASqp0uv

N.E.X.T stands for "Neuro-Experience-Training". N.E.X.T., for the first time, includes a self-learning whole-body neuro-rehabilitation system, consisting of AI software in the form of an ExerGame, supporting sensors, and a balance system for safe use of patients with restricted mobility in conjunction with virtual reality.
The system is self-learning and can simultaneously adjust the nature of the tasks of the ExerGame via feedback from the patient's performance, so that the patient can achieve individual successes. In this way, the ExerGame develops into an individualized neuroreha training program that reacts precisely to the abilities and limitations of a patient.

The aim of the project is to create a new type of rehabilitation therapy, for patients with motor impairments (e.g. brain damage caused by a stroke). A system of AI software in the form of an ExerGame and networked sensors, movement mechanics and coupled virtual reality, supports patients with cerebral motor restrictions in overcoming paralysis through a new form of full-body training. The combination of technologies creates an intensive and highly motivating biofeedback for the patient.

In neurorehabilitation, the sensorimotor overload of the patient is a crucial means to train the healthy part of the brain in terms of neuroplasticity. The control of the no longer controllable muscles must be taken over by uninjured areas of the brain and thus relearned. Previous therapy processes will be much more targeted, efficient and faster due to the system.




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