Introducing the ICAROS Cloud

We are proud to introduce the ICAROS CLOUD to you! We will officially present our new product on 7th of January 2020 at the CES in Las Vegas!

Come visit us and test the ICAROS Cloud at CES 2020 in Las Vegas!

Booth 45531 at the Sands Expo.

The ICAROS CLOUD is a digitally connected training tool. It will be part of group training classes in gyms just as well as a fully developed home training device.
It is inflatable and made of materials used for StandUp Paddling boards. It is adjustable and connecable with our exercise cycle ICALETHICS and further ICAROS Flight Experiences.

It was designed to be part of group training classes in gyms just as well as a fully developed home training device.

The Cloud follows a very simple concept that is known from the famous tumblers. The center of the spherical surface is so clearly above the center of gravity of the ICAROS Cloud that it is very easy to maintain a stable balance on it. Thanks to the adaptability of the footrest position, the push-pull handles, and the softly padded deck, the Cloud is just as suitable for children from 120 cm tall as for adults up to 196 cm.

The key to training on the cloud is its digital experiences that the ICAROS Cloud offers. You can fix a tablet, smartphone or the ICAROS controller using the integrated interface on the bow of the cloud. This turns the cloud into a gamepad on which you can fly through virtual rooms using weight shift, coordination, and strength, or exercise via exergames on tablets or smartphones.

With its diverse programs - from CORE to FlyYoga, FastForward and PowerUp to Exergame BrickBreaker - ICALETHICS offers an extraordinarily effective training cycle. Other VR training games such as Predator + Prey and ICARACE help make the cloud a daily companion to the individual sports program. Online multiplayer, flying on a dragon, being part of a community, training your balance and strength, experiencing pilates and yoga anew:

The user can do all of this with the ICAROS Cloud.

Get fit or stay fit - in a playful way.


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