ICARACE World Championship 2023

ICARACE has a new World Champion

Salzburg, Austria - July 1, 2023: In an adrenaline-fueled showdown, ICAROS unleashed the thunderous 6th edition of the ICARACE VR eSports competition at the LevelUp gaming and esports festival, attracting over 10,000 gaming enthusiasts.

The 6th ICARACE World Championship unfolded like a heart-stopping thriller, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats. Ten elite pilots, including the reigning World Champion Tomislav and a great lineup featuring Dr. Lounge, SPLAT, Domitzer, and Dom, took to the virtual tracks for an electrifying clash. Three intense rounds separated the contenders from the pretenders and defined the eight semi-finalists. Miki and WALT had to bury their dreams.

The semi-finals, set ablaze amidst the treacherous landscapes of GIS Island, Heaton Salt, and Vylkk. Gasps of disbelief echoed through the hall as Tomislav, the titan of the racetrack, crashed on Heaton Salt, relinquishing a heart-wrenching deficit of over 20 seconds. In an unforeseen twist, even SPLAT and Michael Bitzer, known for their consistency, stumbled and faltered, and lost precious seconds. For Mr. Boots, Michael Bitzer, Tomislav, and SPLAT, the competition was over.

As the dust settled, the shattered dreams of the favorites paved the way for the resolute final four racers: DianaS, Dom, Dr. Lounge, and Domitzer. The ultimate showdown took place on the relentless Prospera track, in a marathon of unforgiving challenges. It was a moment of destiny, with Dr. Lounge close to claiming the elusive World Championship title that had slipped through his fingers time and again. Fate, however, had other designs. In a breathtaking display of dominance, Dom leaped ahead from the very start, forging an insurmountable chasm between himself and Dr. Lounge. Hot on their heels, Domitzer and DianaS clung to the hope of usurping the throne. With every twist and turn, Dom showcased a mesmerizing blend of raw talent, unyielding focus, and a burning hunger for glory.

After ten relentless minutes of competition, ICARACE witnessed the coronation of a new champion: Dom 

Final Results:

  1. Dom
  2. Dr. Lounge
  3. Domitzer

We congratulate all of our pilots and look forward to the next ICARACE World Championship in July, 2024. 

Watch the recorded live stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1860455007 

Compete in ICARACE: https://live.icarace.com/home 


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