ICAROS GmbH は 2015年ミュンヘンで設立されました。当社の製品はフィットネスとゲーム、そしてソーシャルコンペティションを融合したユニークで効果的なフィットネス体験を提供します。


ICAROS の製品は既に世界中でジムやリハビリ施設、ホテル及び娯楽施設などで導入されています。 2018年夏からは一般のお客様用にもICAROS Homeをご提供しています。







主要なスポーツ科学研究所が実施した研究結果から、ICAROSのマシンを使ったフィットネストレーニングは筋力、コーディネーション能力及びバランス感覚を高める効果があることが明らかになっています。 ICAROS マシンを利用したプランク運動からは床に膝をついて行う従来のプランク運動の2倍の筋肉活性効果が得られます。カロリー消費量は約30% 増大します。こうしたことから、ICAROS マシンを使ったフィットネストレーニングは体幹筋の安定性、機能性及び反応性の持続的な改善に最適です。


7Pines Kempinski Ibiza nestles in a pine grove on the cliffs of the west coast of Ibiza. The high-quality equipped fitness area of the 7 Pines Resort stands out with a motivating view over the open sea and carries you weightlessly to new heights of physical fitness. The setting includes two ICAROS Pro devices with a personal trainer on request.

Located in the newly-fashionable district of North Point on Hong Kong Island, Hotel VIC boasts spectacular panoramic views of the harbour and city. The hotel’s comprehensive fitness facilities allow guests to work out anytime at the 24-hour gym, and experience an innovative fitness journey with the two ICAROS Pro devices.

The EXCO training concept with its four coordinated, synergetic pillars of mobility, strength, endurance, and coordination is designed for a healthy, painless feeling of wellbeing. 2 ICAROS Health systems are part of this unique and effective training concept.

„The ICAROS is an excellent innovation. Everyone using the ICAROS will confirm it‘s fun, muscular core and shoulder strength enhancing. There is absolutely no other total body coordination optimizing equipment like the ICAROS.“

Dr. Phil Heaton

„ICAROS convinces thanks to an immersive, multi-sensory overall experience with a high fun factor. The combination of VR technology and free-flowing movements in space creates a complete physical and visual user experience. As an immersive overall experience, ICAROS represents a compelling innovation in the world of fitness.“

UX Design Awards

„Gaming, sport and excitement. Overall winner ICAROS combines all these attributes in one device and is aiming to revolutionize fitness training.“


“The distinctive design of the fitness device ICAROS Home is fascinating. The fact that it also includes virtual reality offers the opportunity of gaining completely new experiences.”

RedDot Jury

Lanserhof at The Arts Club is London’s finest medical and health facility, open to all and specialising in preventative medicine, rehabilitative care, nutrition, fitness and holistic wellbeing. Since 2019, ICAROS Health is part of this wholistic concept.

The Mein Schiff 1 is a cruise ship of the shipping company TUI Cruises. It was put into service in 2018, has a length of about 316 meters and is approved for 2894 passengers. An ICAROS Pro set-up accompanies the Mein Schiff 1 throughout all their journeys across the oceans. Since 2019, ICAROS is also part of the newly build Mein Schiff 2.

"ICAROS Cloud is an innovative combination of full-body training and exciting virtual experiences."

UX Design Awards

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