ICAROS at world fitness day in frankfurt

The ICAROS team is excited to meet you at the worlds biggest fitness live event in Frankfurt this Saturday, July 22.



If you operate an ICAROS it’s time to meet our instructor Brad in VR! Brad guides you through your ICAROS set up and first tasks to become a skilled pilot. Contact info@icaros.com to get your personal VR instructor.

Introducing ICAROS „R“

The ICAROS „R“ (Arrrr) is up and racing. Moving like a Superbike Pro you experience the pains and gains of motorbike racing! The ergonomics of a full grown Superbike, the way to move to get the right lean and the VR racing experience mix well and you enter track-day. More info soon!

NEW icaros experience gravity released

GRAVITY is the third ICAROS Game Experience that takes you from Space to Earth in a breathtaking vertical free fall. You swerve space debris, meteors, space ships and reach high altitude atmosphere areas, dodge jets and helicopters just to land on a moving target – if you SURVIVE.
SHUFFLE shows you an infinite pattern and randomly changes your path though this labyrinth. Train your motion skills, work your body and sharpen your senses with 3 minutes of SURVIVE or an infinite time in an increasingly treacherous hexagon labyrinth called SHUFFLE.

GRAVITY combines a vertical direction of movement with very intuitive controls. By leaning in all directions while falling with constant speed, you trigger all direction changes. A completely new and exciting way to control an ICAROS experience.
SURVIVE Mode: Maneuver around or destroy obstacles to make your way down to earth and land safely.
Difficulty levels: easy-medium-hard
Duration: 1 – 3 minutes.
SHUFFLE Mode: A new challenge for each run! In SHUFFLE mode, a new course is created with every single start. The best way to enhance your ICAROS skills.
Difficulty: easy beginning, constantly getting more challenging
Duration: endless

ICAROS to present on SPOEX 2017 in Korea

We are excited to be exhibiting on the Seoul International Sports & Leisure Industry Show (SPOEX 2017) from Feb 23 – Feb 2

ICAROS receives German Design Award Gold 2017

We had the great pleasure to receive the German Design Award on the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt. The GDA is awarded to projects that contribute to the German and international design landscape.

ICAROS to open office in the US

The ICAROS team is proud to annonce to be part of the German Accelerator program in 2017. ICAROS will open an office in Redwood City, CA in April 2017.

Dates: Shows and events in 2017

ICAROS will  showcase on several international events in 2017:


CES, Las Vegas, USA: Jan 5 – 8

ISPO, Munich, Germany: Feb 5 -8

SPOEX, Seoul, Korea: March  23 – 26

FIBO, Cologne, Germany: April 6 – 9

AWE, Santa Clara, Ca , USA: May 31 – June 2

Urban Fit Days, Berlin, Germany: June 24 – 25

World Fitness Day, Frankfurt, Germany: July 22

SPORTEC, Tokyo, Japan: July 25 – 27

Gamescom, Cologne, Germany: August 22 – 26

EAS, Berlin, Germany: Sept 26 – 29

More dates to be announced.