Get in shape with effective and playful workouts on your ICAROS device!

The ICAROS App offers a broad range of entertaining and highly effective exercises and games to build smart muscles, improve balance and endurance. Wether it's high-intensity interval training, yoga-inspired workouts or competitive exergames - choose from a library of entertaining, constantly updated workouts and exergames.

The ICAROS App is optimized for usage with the ICAROS Cloud and is also compatible with ICAROS Home and Pro devices.

Fun, Motivation, and Competition

Improve your balancing skills in virtual ski rides, boost your reaction in epic space battles, or build muscles and increase your fitness while chasing down prey as a Velociraptor. ICAROS exergames are fun, motivating, and addictive.

Increase your performance and compete with ICAROS useres all over the world to climb up the leaderboards. 

New exergames are added to the library frequently - enjoy your workout!

Get the ICAROS App Pro now at the Google Play Store or at the App Store!


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