Elevate your exercise routine with fun and impactful workouts on your ICAROS device!

Discover a world of entertainment and effective workouts with the ICAROS App, designed to build smart muscles, enhance balance, and boost endurance. Whether you prefer high-intensity interval sessions, yoga-inspired workouts, cognitive-motoric training, or competitive exergames, our library offers a constantly updated selection to suit your preferences.

The ICAROS App is optimized for use with the ICAROS Cloud and ICAROS Guardian and is compatible with ICAROS Home, Pro, and Health devices, ensuring a seamless experience across platforms.

Take your performance to the next level by competing with ICAROS users worldwide and climbing up the leaderboards. With new exergames frequently added to the library, each workout is a fresh and exciting experience.

Whether you manage a physical therapy center, clinic, fitness club, or corporate fitness facility, ICAROS offers versatile options:

  • ICAROS App: Tailored for individuals or families. Unlock potential with up to 7 sub-accounts and choose from three subscription options.

  • ICAROS App Pro+: Ideal for small and medium-sized therapy centers or clinics. Effortlessly create and manage up to 75 sub-users who can share a single device.

  • ICAROS B2B App: Designed for large-sized gyms, hotels, or corporate fitness spaces. Seamlessly manage over 75 user profiles, accommodating settings where users bring their own tablets or smartphones.


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