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ICARACE: Fitness meets eSports

ICARACE is a global, competitive multi-player race simulation where players fly on ICAROS Pro or Home devices. The competition demands control and strength, pushing users to improve their skill level and fitness. Available today, free to play and upgradable through in-game purchases, ICARACE is accessible for competitors from all over the world: https://live.icarace.com 

You’d like to take part? Get all necessary equipment here:  https://shop.icaros.com

In 2018, ICAROS launched the global ICARACE series (G.I.S), to host tournaments both online and in the real world. World championships have been conducted in Germany from 2018 to 2022 with large success. The 2023 edition will be held on the Level Up Gaming and eSports Festival in Salzburg, Austria on July 1st, 2023 . Pilots can qualify by achieving a top 10 ranking in one of the available racetracks.

Background Story

ICARACE develops a story of corporate sponsored pilots in a futuristic race league, where pilots compete on aerial courses for credits and fame. Players create their own online profile, customize their characters, and compete to set records on multiple courses. Unlike traditional video games, ICARACE simultaneously provides a virtual gaming experience and a demanding, physical workout. Not only is the experience one which promotes fitness, it is a sport that demands the development of mental and physical aptitude.


Where can I purchase ICAROS devices?

ICAROS Home devices can be purchased directly through https://shop.icaros.com

If you are interested in getting an ICAROS Pro device, please request your quotation here: info(at)icaros.com

What kind of VR headset is required?

ICARACE is an online multiplayer game for PC-based VR headsets such as HTC Vive Pro, Valve Index or Oculus Quest 2 (only when linked to PC). You can find PC specs on the respective websites of the HMD manufacturers.

Is ICARACE free to play?

Yes. ICARACE can be downloaded and played for free. To get full access to all vehicles and racetracks, a subscription (116 € per year) is required.

How can I qualify for tournaments and championships?

ICAROS invites the fastest pilots to tournaments. Once you’ve set times in the top 20 of some racetracks, the ICAROS team will eventually contact you. Of course you can also reach out to our team directly if you’d like to take part in one of the tournaments: info(at)icaros.com

Do I need to pay a starting fee in tournaments?

No. ICARACE tournaments are open to subscribers without additional fees.

Can I win prizes?

Yes. Prizes can be won in specific tournaments. Please check the respective event information for details.


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