Explore real landscapes with ICAROS. We now enable you to explore photo realisitc environments in a cooperation with 3D Reality Maps. 

Take an arbitrary and breathtaking digital flight through a super realistic version of the Swiss Alps around St. Moritz!

In cooperation with 3D Reality Maps, we have updated our Experience ENGADIN to an ultra-realistic VR-Experience in which you can explore the amazing scenery of the Swiss Alps in every detail by virtually flying through it on the ICAROS.

Fly through the mountain passes and check out which descents you´re going to ride the next time you´re out there! Glide over the snowy peaks, join an eagle´s flight or prove your skills in an alpine parkour…
In this 3-dimensional and ultra-realistic VR Experience, you can pretty much do anything as if you were...well, flying through the Alps for real!



With WINGSUIT PROXIMITY FLYING you can digitally get beamed upon a peak of your choice an experience and incredible and realistic downhill flight in a wingsuit. The pilot? You, of course. Glide over the snowy peaks and enjoy the impressive landscape!

WINGSUIT PROXIMITY FLYING is especially suitable for VR-beginners and an integral part of ENGADIN from now. If you have already purchased ENGADIN and want to get the free update, just get in touch with us!

Get the experience now with ICAROS Engadin 2.0!

Just as our other photo-realistic VR Apps BERCHTESGADEN and DOLOMITES, ENGADIN is compatible with PC-based, linked VR Systems (e.g. Valve Index, HTC, Oculus, PICO) and works perfectly on ICAROS Home, Pro, and Health devices.

You can purchase the ENGADIN app separately, or in a bundle together with BERCHTESGADEN and DOLOMITES at a reduced price.

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