ICARACE 2.0 is live!

Read here which exciting new features await you in the repolished version of ICARACE and how to get started with ICARACE 2.0

It is our pleasure to inform you that the new version of ICARACE is out NOW! 

ICARACE 2.0 - All-new design, new track and functionalities

Our global multiplayer ICARACE has received a comprehensive makeover. Check out some of the key benefits of the new version:

New Interface and Graphic makeover
The graphics of the racetracks have improved significantly.
Also, of course, the whole website has been redesigned and equipped with new features

New racetrack: Heaton Salt
Heaton Salt got its name in honor of one of the most advanced ICARACE pilots. The active salt farm, embedded into a natural canyon, becomes the place of an incredible race against the deadly rock formations and the beauty of the open field. Subscribe to ICARACE 2.0 and beat the high score on Heaton Salt now!

Interactive calendar
You have now the opportunity to create and join community events and to organize races on the website itself.

Screen & Cloud compatibility
ICARACE is now screen compatible, which means that you can race all racetracks on your Pro or Home device without a VR headset on a screen. Besides, ICARACE now also playable with the ICAROS Cloud.

How to get started
To obtain the new ICARACE version, please uninstall the ICARACE launcher from your system first.
After the old version is uninstalled, you can download the latest version directly from the website or use this link to install the game.

This will take around 30 to 45 minutes, depending on your internet connection. After installation, ICARACE will launch automatically. 

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us through our contact form. 

We hope you enjoy ICARACE 2.0 and have a wonderful day!


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