Our vision is to provide the most motivating and health-promoting training experiences to combat our society’s sedentary lifestyle. Our interdisciplinary team includes sports scientists, software developers, engineers and industrial designers, aiming for the most effective and entertaining workout experiences.



ICAROS GmbH was established in Munich, Germany in 2015 to revolutionize the way people exercise and play by combining fitness and virtual reality.
Our products blend training, gaming and social competition to create exciting and effective exercise experiences.

ICAROS professional systems are installed in fitness- and rehabilitation facilities, in hotels and entertainment venues around the globe.
In 2018, ICAROS launched the consumer model ICAROS Home for private households along with ICARACE, the global online multiplayer platform for Virtual Reality E-Sports.


Our science board consists of leading international doctors, researchers and scientists.

Health & Fitness

ICAROS workouts train different muscle groups, focusing on core and upper body muscles. The exercises simultaneously improve reflexes, balance and coordination abilities.

Leading sports university researchers have shown that ICAROS workouts provide an effective way to improve strength, conditioning and balance. The ICAROS plank has proven to burn 30 % more calories and to double the muscle activity compared to stable kneeling planks. The ICAROS exercises are ideal to improve core stability, functionality and reactivity.


"The ICAROS Pro has energized our membership in ways that standard cardio-vascular and strength equipment cannot do. Everyone gets the blending of entertainment and core development. However, unlike planking or or machine usage, ICAROS socializes and draws people together because it is a unique experience for both the user and the other members watching the experience on the monitor."

George Foose, Executive Director, Cascade Club Ltd. Bangkok Thailand

"Our Resort in Okinawa prefecture installed ICAROS Pro in April 2018 to further enhance the customer's experience. In November 2018, already more than 600 of our guests used the ICAROS units and gave great feedback for both, the fitness- and the entertainment factor."

Mr. Kinjo, Hotel Nikko Alivila, Japan

„ICAROS completes our innnovative and modern fitness-experience-worlds with another highlight! Our members are thrilled by the sensational combination of fitness and gaming. We are very excited to see the upcoming VR-experiences and look forward to a further close collaboration with ICAROS.“

FitStar, Fitness Chain, Germany

„ICAROS convinces thanks to an immersive, multi-sensory overall experience with a high fun factor. The combination of VR technology and free-flowing movements in space creates a complete physical and visual user experience. As an immersive overall experience, ICAROS represents a compelling innovation in the world of fitness.“

UX Design Awards

„The ICAROS is an excellent innovation. Everyone using the ICAROS will confirm it‘s fun, muscular core and shoulder strength enhancing. There is absolutely no other total body coordination optimizing equipment like the ICAROS.“

Dr. Phil Heaton, United Kingdom

„Gaming, sport and excitement. Overall winner ICAROS combines all these attributes in one device and is aiming to revolutionize fitness training.“


“The distinctive design of the fitness device Icaros Home is fascinating. The fact that it also includes virtual reality offers the opportunity of gaining completely new experiences.”

RedDot Jury

“Finally! ICAROS is the innovation our customers were waiting for.
Professional full body training taught in a playful way - this is the exercise method of the future.”

Fit & Health Consulting, Germany

“The Icaros VR system is simultaneously the most fun and hardest workout you will ever have in VR.”

Alan Smithson, CEO MetaVRse, United States


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